Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ross da Boss

been a while since any updates, tyler colton and dylan went to minnesota to film shit for keep the change, 9 and colton are still there but tyler got a traumatic brain injury and had to come home, Im too lazy to find the videos, but check out www.yobeat.com to see the runs where sledge murks it out at loon and tanner shows sugarbush the objective of rail sliding

tommy j just introduced this song to me and proves that rick ross is still straight bossin

Monday, December 20, 2010


first semester is over, and iv finally started this crap,

stace is over but crap in my BUTT is now! heres some latest shit from my friends

Tylers latest and greatest taken by Cole Martin....

a nice few laps of rav and lan thanks to harry hagan....

Laps With Rav and Dyl9 from Harry Hagan on Vimeo.

the latest of EB's The Runs

i dont have any other shit but this stuff is the bomb right now